ratihabitio mandate aequiparatur

ratihabitio mandate aequiparatur
/raetahabish(iy)ow maendeytow ekwapareytar/
Ratification is equivalent to express command

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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  • omnis ratihabitio retrotrahitur et mandate priori aequiparatur — /omnas raetahaebish(iy)ow retrowtraehatar et maendeydow prayoray ekwapareytar/ Every ratification relates back and is equivalent to a prior authority …   Black's law dictionary

  • command — I verb adjure, authorize, bid, call for, call upon, charge, compel, constrain, decree, demand, direct, direct imperatively, enact, exact, exercise authority, force, give directions, give orders, govern, have control, hominem iubere facere, homini …   Law dictionary

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